About Kyoko Ngai

KINJI, founded by Kyoko Ngai in 1995, combines eastern elements and modern designs using high-quality natural color fabrics to create a series of simple and elegant clothing. To this day, Kyoko still implements this design belief onto KINJI.

In her 80s, Kyoko always has a smile on her face while wearing her designs, looking youthful and lively. Kyoko once said, “There are no secret treatments, just follow where nature takes. Nature is beautiful, there are so many things to appreciate. I think the simplest things are already beautiful, therefore I use natural dye materials. You will never find loud colors in my work, they are always in natural and harmonious colors such as sand, grass green and shades of brown. My inspiration comes from the well-known painter - Monet. Just like him, I want my designs to give others a feeling of calm and comfort, Zen like the Buddhist.”

Although Kyoko has retired, she continues to follow up on KINJI. Every design won’t produce without her final approval. Because of her dedication and persistence, her designs are loved by many.

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